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A great solution asks for a simple pricing model leaving no surprises

Our awarded CCaaS license model is attentively tiered for the Corporate Market, delivering an excelling OPEX advantage with unique long-term ROI benefits.

ACCS Voice Agent

ACCS Voice Agent

 23 .13

/ month
  • Price per Agent adding additional Voice Agents to ACCS R7 Base Software Bundle

ACCS Multimedia Agent

ACCS Multimedia Agent

 16 .14

/ month
  • Price per Agent adding additional Multimedia Agents to the ACCS R7 Base Software Bundle

ACCS Open-Queue Agent

ACCS Open-Queue Agent

 19 .53

/ month
  • Price per Agent adding additional Open-Queue Agents

ACCS Report Creation Wizard

Report Creation Wizard

 20 .97

/ month
  • Price adding additional Report Creation Wizard

ACCS R7 Base Software Bundle

Base Software Bundle

 1756 .57

/ one-off setup*
  • Mandatory ACCS R7 Base Software Bundle, including:
  • 10x  Voice Agent
  • 1x Multimedia Agent
  • 1x Supervisor

Optional ACCS R7 Business Continuity

Business Continuity License

 2724 .67

/ one-off setup*
  • Optional Business Continuity license is an ON/OFF license at your disposal for an unlimited periode of time

ACCS Supervisor

ACCS Supervisor

 10 .84

/ month
  • Price per Supervisor adding additional Supervisors to ACCS R7 Base Software Bundle

More Powerfull than you think

Avaya Contact Center Select is an intelligent onmichannel contact center solution supporting customers via Voice, IM, SMS, Social Media, Web Chat, Email and Open Queue for everything else.

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Avaya ACCS Agent Desktop

Avaya ACCS offers an optional thick-client, an user-friendly interface that allows agents to communicate easily regardless of the channel. Interactions can be handled individually or simultaneously depending on the agent settings.

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Avaya IX™ Workspaces

Avaya ACCS also offers a optional HTML5 thin-client. Avaya Intelligent Xperiences™ (IX) Workspaces is a 100% browser Agent Desktop.

Modern Agent Desktop

  Consolidate information from multiple systems into a consolidated desktop

  Thin client desktop can easily be personalized for all profiles - agents, supervisors and administrators

  Easy to adopt and easy to use

Contextual & Continuous Experience

  Customer journey visualization and drill-down

  Context-based agent guidance / frequently used phrases

  Event-driven customer journey map displays customer-agent interactions in a graphical timeline view

IT Friendly & Risk Free

  Reduce costs versus managing thick client interfaces

  HTML5 thin-client desktop

  Leverage dynamic widget-driven layout to quickly build custom widgets

Avaya IX™ Workspaces a closer look

To activate Avaya IX™ Workspaces, agents access an URL and simply log into the system using their user name and password

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1 - Agent toolbar Provides options for quickly making voice calls, viewing interaction logs, changing agent states, and accessing the Address Book. 

2  - Interaction area Displays all incoming contacts, whether through voice, SMS, email, or chat, as interaction cards for the agent. The interaction cards are queued for the agent at any time.

3 - Navigation menu Provides options according to the type of interaction. 

4 - Interaction widgets Displays information related to the interaction. 

5 - Agent state summary Displays the agent ID, Station ID, the current state of the agent, and the channels available for interactions.

Customer Detail Widgets

Avaya IX™ Workspaces improves agent productivity and the overall customer experience by integrating multiple widgets into a single agent desktop. Customizable widgets provide agents all necessary information including customer history, customer- and interaction details they need to improve and personalize customer interactions.

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Powerful Open Interfaces

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  Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) Open Interfaces, enables client applications to queue contacts in the Contact Center.

  Contact Control Service Java and JavaScript SDK APIs, support agent and supervisor inbound contact control, plus outbound voice call control for solutions that integrate with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager.

  Contact Center Multimedia Web Communications Web Services. The CCMM Web Communications Web services enable client applications to integrate with a Contact Center Multimedia system.

  Contact Center Multimedia Outbound Open Interface, enables client applications to access and manage existing outbound campaigns.

  Email Open Interfaces, enable the development of custom Web services that can be called from the Contact Center Select Email Manager whenever an email is processed. The custom Web services can perform tasks such as manipulating the emails and modifying the rule routing options. 

  Contact Center Manager Server Programming APIs. Supports Real-time Data (RTD) API & Real-time Statistics Multicast (RSM) Interface

  Host Data Exchange (HDX) API, enables the exchange of data between CCMS and a client application

  Enterprise Web Chat APIs, Contact Center Multimedia Web Communications Web services (which continue to be supported) and the new Enterprise Web Chat (EWC) WebSocket and REST APIs.

  CCT .Net API, supports the complete contact control feature set. The API is suitable for complex client- and CCT server-based solutions, and provides support for multimedia and SIP-enabled Contact Center installations

Avaya Experience Portal

Adding multiple applications from one Common Core

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Intelligently Automate Routine

Text Chat Interactions with Avaya Chatbot

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Avaya Workforce Optimization Select

Improve the Customer Experience with Every Interaction

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Add-on pricing Workforce Optimization Select

Additional features like Desktop Trigger, Workforce Management and Speech-to-Text Transcription are optional modules available with any Agent package. 

Recorder Agent

Recorder Agent

 11 .25

/ month
  • Dashboard & Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Voice Recording

Standard Agent

Standard Agent

 15 .31

/ month
  • Recorder Agent+
  • Live Monitor
  • Screen Recording

AWFOS Quality Performance Management Agent (QPM)

Quality Performance Management Agent

 23 .42

/ month
  • Standard Agent+
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching & Learning

What you get

Avaya Contact Center Select. The Most Widely Used Contact Center Solution in the World.


Avaya ACCS gives you the power to monitor and analyze virtually everything that’s happening in your contact center. Identify areas where you can increase productivity and reduce costs.


Avaya ACCS takes full advantage of Avaya's recognized strength in voice heritage, application development, global services and leadership position in the global market.


Match your personnel resources and skills to call volumes and caller needs. Take fast, effective action to improve the overall efficiency of your contact center operations.


Avaya ACCS is virtually deployable and manageable using a single site or across an enterprise. Agents are connected at-home, remote or on the road. Supervisors can virtually monitor everything on any device, anytime and anywhere.


Our awarded CCaaS license model is attentively tiered for the Corporate Market. You only pay for what you currently use. Feel free to increase of decrease your number of licenses on a monthly basis.


Avaya ACCS Reporting contains rich and flexible applications that leverage your investments in other productivity initiatives. Integrate long term ACD data storage with mainframe-based documents such as sales and marketing reports.