As specialist in broadband and fibre optic, we have extensive experience with all available connectivity services. We would gladly sit down with you to work out the best solution for your business needs.

Specialist in Broadband and Fiber Optic

Unified Communications, Internet Access, VoIP- and Video services all depend on a solid connection. Dia Telecom is your partner for both the connection and the service itself. Our one-stop-shop approach enables us to deliver the best possible solution for your business needs. 

One ‘size’ fits all, is the most common mistake as it comes to business grade broadband connections. A wide range of connections is available, depending on the geographical location of your office(s).

Customers rely heavily on connectivity services as an increasing number of businesses is dependent of a broadband connection for their core business applications nowadays.

Accessibility, reliability and flexibility are therefore interwoven and these characteristics form the basis of our sustainable connectivity services.

Your connectivity services must grow as your business grows. Additional capacity or a temporary connection is just a mouse-click away. Simply scale up when needed, with respect to your contractual obligations.

This also ensures that you do not pay for something you do not use, while also providing your with the assurance that you can instantly expand if needed.

One of the main features to deploy VoIP from the cloud is redundancy. Our Avaya Aura platform is fully redundant and distributed over multiple data centers, executed to perfection.


Blazing fast Fiber Optic connectivity with staggering bandwidth capacities.

Fiber optic is ideal for bundling several applications, combining Internet, Telephony, Electronic Payments, Online Backup, Remote Application Administration and the LAN connection to different branches?

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Besides its revolutionary speed, Fiber Optic cables offer even more advantages.

  • More applications simultaneously

  • No transport queues

  • Secure and reliable

  • Nationwide network

  • Quality of service

Broadband Connectivity

Simplify you path to Broadband Connectivity from Copper-based DSL to Fiber Optic FTTO.


ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a technology that enables your existing copper phone lines to be used as a broadband connection for transferring data and VoIP. ADSL is available in bandwidths up to 24 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream, depending on the distance between your office and local exchange.


SDSL or Symmetric DSL is a type of DSL, which is ideally used for transferring VoIP telephony over your existing copper phone lines. The "symmetric" part of the term means that an SDSL connection has the same maximum upload and download speed. Available in bandwidths up to 2.3 Mbps, depending on the distance between your office and local exchange.

Bundled SDSL

If more bandwidth is needed than can be obtained using single DSL lines and your office is in an area where fibre optic is not available, it is possible to bundle multiple DSL lines into one virtual line to increase the bandwidth up to 20 Mbps, depending on the distance between your office and local exchange.


VDSL or Very high bit-rate DSL is the next generation DSL delivered over your existing copper phone lines. It is a fast growing broadband service that can be up to 3 times faster than standard ADSL broadband. VDSL is availble with a bandwidth up to 50 Mbps download and a maximum of 10 Mbps upload, depending on the distance between your office and local exchange.


FTTO or Fibre To The Office is a technology that enables you to benefit from first-class, ultra-fast broadband connectivity. Fibre connections are future proof and ideal to handle extremely high amounts of data. FTTO is rapidly gaining ground and becoming widely available throughout The Netherlands, delivering bandwidths up to 100 Mbps symmetric. The maximum bandwidth of FTTO is garanteed while it does not depend on the distance between your office and local exhange.


Get in touch with one of our sales representatives and design your optimum connectivity solution.

What You Get

We take pride in delivering Connectivity Services with the highest availability, amazing flexibility and costs saving benefits. 


Our Connectivity Services provide Quality of Service to guarantee that packet traffic for latency affected applications or other media connection will not be delayed or dropped due interference from other lower priority traffic.


When it comes to the quality and availability of our network, we set ourselves the highest standards. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is our commitment to giving you the highest standard of customer service, support and care - guaranteed.


Our private, cloud-based Internet infrastructure and 24x7 NOC services are designed to give your business everything needed to maximize company uptime, increase productivity and simplify your life.


Our network interconnects are distributed over different data centres to ensure that our connectivity service is available in accordance with our Service Level Agreements, all with suitable layers for security and compliance.


Throughout our network up to our customer's premises we solely use proven technology Cisco equipment which is installed, managed and monitored by our professional team of engineers.


Because the capacity of our network is scalable, we can quickly provide additional capacity when needed. This also ensures that you do not pay for something you do not use, while also providing your with the assurance that you can instantly expand if needed.

Ready for you.


Dia Telecom is your one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Our cloud solutions are secure, easy to manage, rich in functionality, affordable and ready for you. Today!