Avaya Vantage K165 en K175

The Avaya Vantage devices for a fixed price per month

With Avaya Device Flex, the Avaya Vantage K165 and K175 devices are now also offered as part of a monthly subscription. This reduces the one-off purchase costs and thereby the threshold to switch to Avaya IP Office

Every sale is eligible for the following telephone models: Avaya Vantage K165 or K175. Possibly linked to an external license agreement for 3PCC devices. The minimum duration is 36 months. The Avaya Device Flex purchase plan for the Avaya Vantage devices starts from October 20, 2018

Watch the video Avaya Vantage Device Video. All-glass innovative desktop device ready for immediate interaction with colleagues or relations.

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Avaya Device Flex Purchase Plan
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